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2017 Hairstyles for Men

2017 Hairstyles for Men

The looks for 2017 Men’s Hairstyles seems to be refined, and in many different cuts and styles. These cuts give a guy plenty of choices on how he can wear his hair. Almost any style that is well groomed, looks good. Whether you want long hair, short hair, or an awesome combo, the main point is to keep it fresh. 
“The world’s had a rough time of it in 2016, which – in a hair-raising instance of pathetic fallacy – might explain why super-slick, neat-and-tidy hairstyles are giving way to something a little more messed up.”

“In 2017, we’ll see men keeping the sides of their hair short and creating the top as the main focal point, embracing longer, more textured styles on top,” says Stelios Nicolaou, Aveda’s master barber.”

Source: Trends for Men’s Hair 2017

The most popular men’s hair trends at the moment are:

  • Messy textured hairstyles
  • Spiky haircuts
  • Crop haircut styles
  • Long fringes
  • Haircuts with lots of longer natural flow and movement

Now take a look at these hairstyle’s:

*Tousled Texture

*The Pomp

*Hard Part

*Side Part

*The Fade

“An easy way to achieve this style is to have your barber clipper your hair short on the sides and back of your head, fading into longer hair on the top that’s point-cut with a scissors for an uneven, nicely textured look.”


10 Tips To Upgrade Your Sex Life (That Actually Work) — Thought Catalog

Christopher CampbellAs a Certified Sex Therapist, I work with individuals and couples in therapy. I have worked with people who have been dating a few months, to couples who have been married for 50 years. I have heard it all; people who have low libido to people who are aroused by taboo fantasies. As much as I…

via 10 Tips To Upgrade Your Sex Life (That Actually Work) — Thought Catalog


PR Crisis Tips 

PR Crisis Tips

*”Most communicators believe they’re ready for a crisis, but many work with outdated crisis plans that don’t facilitate the real-time response required in the split-second world of social media.”

“Here are three ways to bring your crisis preparedness up to speed:”

1. Name and train your crisis team now. “Don’t show up thinking you’re ready for a crisis,” says Michael Neuwirth, senior PR director at Dannon. “Just like running a marathon, you need to train yourself and your team.”

“That begins with identifying the crisis team. Start by pulling together a contact list of the essential people who should be involved in any crisis response.”

“The most important will be your team leader.”

“Too often, the role of the crisis manager is not properly defined,” Neuwirth says. “That’s one way things fall through the cracks in terms of documenting events and ensuring follow-up, involving the right people and following the protocol of the crisis management plan.”

“He also advises reviewing the crisis management plan with company leaders at least once a year, as well as conducting a crisis simulation least once every two years or whenever a new member joins the management team.”

2. Prep “golden hour” statements now. “Scenario planning for every possibility isn’t possible or effective,” Neuwirth says, “but mapping out key risk areas and formulating statements you could use during the golden hour of response time is absolutely essential.”

“To map out key risk areas, begin with basic questions such as, “What could mostly likely go wrong, and who would have an interest in that unfortunate incident?”

“The list of interested parties will probably include customers, suppliers, regulators, NGOs, investors and other business stakeholders.”

“To map out the issues, write down all the things you think could go wrong for your business.”

“Then position each on a matrix based on its likelihood and the significance of the impact for each,” Neuwirth says. “Pretty quickly, you’ll see the top issues that need talking points.”

3. “Develop allies now. Identifying partners who can assist you in crunch time is not a luxury; it’s a requirement for crisis planning.”

““When a crisis calls into question the credibility of your organization, the best sources of defense are your allies who know and trust you for the quality and integrity of your business,” Neuwirth says.”

“This could be an academic who studies topics related to your business, an NGO or a not-for-profit that you support, a trade association, key customers who rely on you, a regulator who oversees your industry or any other stakeholder.”

““These business relationships require ongoing and open communication so that the allies know not only what your business does, but also your values, so they can speak with authority and credibility on your behalf,” Neuwirth says.”

His sole caveat: “These relationships require time and investment,” he says. “They don’t happen overnight, so begin to build them now.”


6 Tips for Finding Happiness, Peace, and Good Mental Health

6 Tips for Finding Happiness, Peace, and Good Mental Health

“Sometimes life can throw us so many challenges, everything can start to feel overwhelming. It isn’t always easy to find the positive among the negative and keep smiling, and that’s OK. The good news is that there’s hope. There are countless ways to find the joy in life if you know how. Here are a few tips for finding inner peace and happiness:”

  • Play to your strengths

“When we’re feeling down we tend to focus on the negative, often on our own personal weaknesses. Don’t! Consciously identify your strengths and build on them. Maybe you wouldn’t be able to run a major corporation, but you’re a star at running your kitchen as head chef. That would make you an excellent candidate to help out at a local community kitchen — you’d have the chance to excel at something you enjoy and for an amazing cause. Find rewarding ways to use your abilities and you can build your self-confidence and happiness.”

  • Get outside

“Getting back to nature can do wonders for the human spirit. Make it a point to spend a little time outside each day, even if it’s only for a 15-minute walk. Better yet, break out of the ordinary, everyday, and take a day or weekend to visit a wildlife reserve, nature trail, or national landmark to completely immerse yourself in the natural world. It can be humbling to stand in the enormity of wilderness, and sometimes offers greatly-needed perspective.”

  • Be positive but realistic

“Practicing “realistic optimism” can be an effective way to keep positive without giving ourselves unrealistic expectations and setting us up for disappointment. Sometimes constant positive thinking is counterproductive, giving us the false idea that if we simply tell ourselves something, it will eventually happen. The truth is, some things are beyond your control. Good or bad, some things happen because they just do and others will never happen no matter how positive we stay. Brace yourself for the possibility that things could go wrong, but instead of being frustrated focus on how you’ll overcome it and move forward.”

  • Focus on the present

“Don’t let me scare you off, but here’s a fact: there are an infinite amount of things that could go wrong at your business dinner tonight or on your date next Thursday. But why worry about the future right now? Is fretting over the possibilities going to make any of them less likely to happen? Not a chance. So instead, keep your mind on the present moment because there are quite a few things you can do and control right now. For example, right now you can make sure you get your work done so you have plenty of time to prepare for your presentation. Right now you can grab some floss and get to work so that you have a charming smile for next week’s hot date. Focus on the present, and you’ll feel more in control.”

  • Get some exercise

“A sound mind requires a sound body, so keep yours in shape. Get your heart pumping with some exercise at least a few times a week. Seek daily opportunities to stay active — taking the stairs instead of the lift is an easy one — and do so with others when possible. Swimming in particular can boost your mood and even help manage depression. But even taking a 20-minute stroll around the neighborhood can be a great way to clear your mind and keep you fit.”

  • Communicate

“Relationships of every kind depend on clear, consistent communication. But being a strong communicator isn’t a skill that all of us have, and struggles with it can cause problems at home, work, and within our circle of friends. Be straightforward and say what you want to say; don’t talk around it. Be tactful, but if you aren’t happy about something, speak up! Whether it’s an unreasonable workload at the office or an argument with your spouse that’s still bothering you, find a way to calmly, reasonably approach your intended audience and talk to them about a solution. You may often find situations turn out in your favor: your boss genuinely didn’t realize he was overloading you and stops, for example.”


Here are some food tips on what foods to eat to make you more happy: 


Happy Birthday September 6th!!!

September 6th Birthday

Today I turn 34, and I am so happy about it! I love where I am in my life and in my marriage, too! My husband, Bryan, and I are going on 8 years this November. I am currently teaching dance at a new studio near Jacksonville, FL, and I enjoy every aspect of it. I have new friends that are great and always wanting to have fun. I want this year to be my best year ever. No pity party for me! I’m proud of the way I look and who I am. Anyone with a September 6th birthday…. HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Check out some pointers I picked up about making some cakes and enjoy pictures of beautiful cakes! 


Fall Fashion Guide – Part 1

These looks are the most interesting and most fashionable, from 2015’s New York Fashion Week. Find fashions that only look expensive and learn the best ways to wear what you already own for your most stylish you ever. It’s not hard to guess at what will be the big trends for any Fall season. You can put money on the fact that colors will be toned down, that some cozy fabric will be on every runway, that at least one — if not several — decades will be referenced, and that there will be coats. Lots of coats.

Outerwear is a crucial component to any quality Fall collection, and this season, it seemed as if every designer was set on showing some version of the cape. And why shouldn’t they? The fashion-forward street style crowd has been forgoing sleeves for years. Classic cape silhouettes abound, but also look for a few toppers — Is that cape a dress? Are those faux sleeves? — that are optical style illusions.

Looking for a hint of femininity in your workplace wardrobe? Try a pussy bow. This simple addition to the basic blouse, a delicate collar tied askew, is a decidedly romantic touch that was all over the runways, particularly in Milan, where plunging necklines are usually more common.


Ayurvedic Tips for Weak Digestion

Weak Digestion


“In Ayurveda, changes for better digestive health could range from dietary suggestions to going to bed earlier. As a holistic system, Ayurveda also takes emotions into account when dealing with physical ailments, so the remedies also sooth stress, anxiety and other upsets that might trigger an uneasy stomach. Here are some guidelines for improving your digestive health.”

Herbs for Weak Digestion

“These remedies are good for reducing gas and improving poor digestion.
Add fresh ginger and cinnamon to your oatmeal or other cooked cereal. A bit of clove can be good, too.
Sip ginger tea. Add a one-inch piece of fresh ginger to one and one-half to two cups water, then boil for five minutes. If it’s too strong, add water.
Try coriander, cumin and fennel tea. Add one-half teaspoon of each herb to one and one-half to two cups water, boil for five minutes, then strain and sip.”
“Tulsi tea, available at health food stores, is another one to try.
Experiment with lassi, a popular drink in India. Mix 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt into one-half cup warm water after meal.”


More Tummy Soothing Tips

“Massage your abdomen with warm oil, beginning with the lower right quadrant, and circling up above the naval, then descending to the left. Breathe gently yet deeply, focusing on the colon and visual movement happening there.”
“Place a hot water bottle on your belly for 10 to 20 minutes.
Breathing well is a big help. Good breathing is quiet, unforced and relaxed.”



Petite Tips: Look Taller Without the Heels


Every petite wishes for a small growth spurt! For me, I dream of standing at the great 5 foot 4 inches. Oh, how amazing it would be to stand a little taller. Here are a couple tips that can help you achieve a taller look!

1.Wear All One Color

kari-all black outfit

This may sound odd, but it works wonders. Dressing head-to-toe in one solid color creates the illusion of length. The proportions are not broken up, so it hides your natural waist. This makes you look longer! The color black is great for this idea. If I am feeling edgy, I will wear black jeans, a great pair of boots and a leather jacket! Not only is black slimming, it also is an easy way to look taller!

2.High-Waisted Everything!

I say everything, because I am such a fan of high-waisted bottoms. I know, I know. Some people may have horrible flashbacks to…

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Tips for Fall Fashion


Curly Hair Tips For the Best Locks

Curly Hair Tips


“Deciding to go natural is only half of the battle. Getting your curls to look their best can often be much more difficult and just plain frustrating. The trick is not to give up! And research all the techniques and tricks for getting your hair looking its best. Luckily, we’ve got your back. We put together a list of 5 curly never fail hair tips that will completely change your life and the love you have for your curls.”





5 Fun New Ways To Style Your Eyebrows (And The Products You’ll Need)







10 Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Fashion Tips For Petites…

“When the average height is maintained at 5’6″, most of the women in India fall under this elfin group. While obtaining an impressive height is a dream of every woman of this group, they end only blaming their fate and hating their body, only if they knew there are some fabulous fashion tricks to get rid of it.”

“While the vertically-challenged fashionista often complains about not being able to adopt the street style look, I have compiled 10 great fashion tips to overcome this serious impediment to your fashion quotient. Do have a read!”





8 Tips To Get Started with Meditation




“Did you know by spending just a little time preparing for your meditation, you can actually have a deeper experience in meditation? For your ease, the tips given below will help you prepare for your meditation. Once done, click on the guided meditation below to begin your meditation.”




New Nails

Leah's Fashion Blog

New nails I haven’t had purple nails in years so I went for it 🙂

LaBelle Nails $35



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11 Simple Ways To Stay Sane While Applying For Jobs


5 Tips for Bigger, Better Brainstorming

Petite Girls Guide


“In today’s fast-paced world of entrepreneurs and tech-savvy marketers, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to reinvent ourselves and our brands. Whether you’re after concepts for new content, marketing strategies or a plan for a new small business, brainstorming is a great way to take your ideas and creativity to the next level. Effective brainstorming can increase your business’ productivity, give you a competitive edge, enhance teamwork and ultimately, improve and expand your business as a whole.”



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Grief is subversive

Everything Matters

I came across this quote on grief and thought I’d share it and then cut and paste my collection of posts on grief below it. Grief, like all the other difficult and/or dark emotions often gets pathologized, but it is an important part of life, without which we would not be human.

I would also like to suggest an idea for consideration. Much of what is labeled psychiatric disease is grief that has never been expressed or properly felt, or validated. If we have unexplored trauma, then it’s likely we have unexplored grief too. Some of us need to begin a grieving process that never started in order to heal. Some of us have a life-time of grief that needs to be allowed and experienced. We can choose to challenge our culture’s fear of grief and the dark emotions and begin to heal and turn it around.

Grief is subversive…

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Petite Fashion Tips

Top 8 Tips To Make Your Legs Look Longer
“Perfect pins that go on for miles are the true accessory you need this summer. Thankfully the long-legged look is not just the privilege of tall gazelles. Sarah Jessica Parker manages to create an illusion of long limbs despite her petite frame, and now so can you with our guide. It’s time to cheat your way to long legs!”


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