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Seaside Stripes: Fashion; Men & Women

Seaside Stripes: Fashion; Men & Women

Seaside Stripes are a big fashion trend for spring and summer 2017. It’s no secret that blue and white stripes look amazing, but it is information to share with a friend to pull out your blue & white striped clothing because it’s hot right now! If you don’t own a piece of a navy and white striped ensemble, there’s so many places that sell it, it’s not just for rich folks anymore. And they make every kind of outfit in seaside stripes, like pants, tops, blouses, romoers, skirts, scarfs, shoes, hats, belts, and the list goes on. 

Here are some examples of blue palette’s that are made to go with seaside colors. This is to help give you some inspiration to wear these blue’s. And the palette’s help allow you make sure you wear colors that go together. 


Fall Hair Trend – White Honey

Fall Hair Trend – White Honey

The fall hair trends are in, and I see that if you’re going to be a blonde, go with the shade of White Honey. I am a natural blonde, and you see that less and less. I am a honey blonde, and have golden curls but my color is much darker than a platinum or ash blonde. My husband calls me “Goldielocks”, and it makes me feel great. If you’re planning on going blonde this season, or if you need to re-do your style, consider going white honey. It’s got the color of ash blonde, with a splash of tone to it and it really adds dimension. 

  • Check out the different shades of blonde

  • Every blonde needs a weekly deep conditioner

  • These are great tips to taking care of your blonde

  • Sometimes the bleach from highlights can make your scalp feel itchy or burned. Here is a great way to fix it

  • Madison Reed is your ready-to-order hair care system. It has virtually every color you want

If you want to order some hair color: Madison-Reed Hair Color


Why don’t white people believe people of color about racism? — Of Means and Ends

After the tragic police shootings of Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott, some white people fell into a typical offensive behavior pattern. Despite damning video evidence, they want to know more about the story. They insist that if black people only behaved a certain way, and taught their children to do the same, they wouldn’t […]

via Why don’t white people believe people of color about racism? — Of Means and Ends


Pink and White Gemstone Jewelry 

I wanted to share these magical pieces that I found and wanted to pass along the style, Creativity, and brilliant design.



Sofia Vergara dazzles in a White Gown on Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

Sofia Vergara in White Gown

“Of course, there’s no exception if Sofia Vergara is one of a perfect lady ever although her ages hanging on the middle.
Looked lovely in a white gown, the 42-year-old cuddled up on the red carpet at Emmy Award in Los Angeles on Monday, August 25, 2014.
Please, Stop! Where is her newest boyfriend, Joe Manganiello? Is the 37-year-old abandoned at their new home?”

“It seems Derek Hough does not want to left his opportunity as the actor asked her to dance and instantly, he was carrying Sofia through his both hands for spinning such Dirty Dancing.
That’s incredible and thanks for her perfect long hair. . . . . .It’s appear to make the situation going to end for wet.”

“Well, at least her gorgeous dress look more amazing while she combining the perfect garment from Roberto Cavalli design with one of greatest humor ever on Emmy party.”



Off-White Shirt Dress

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