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Gross! Sorry, not sorry! The Average American Woman Wears Size 16 to 18, Study Finds — StyleCaster

Source: Instagram Women in this country are, on average, wearing dress sizes between 16 and 18, up from the previous average of size 14, according to new research. The study analyzed body measurements from the most recently published National Health and Nutritional Examination Surveys. What’s more, these measurements were compared to industry clothing size standards, and…

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How to Seduce a Virgo Woman

Seduce a Virgo…

“She is straight forward, reliable and gorgeous to boot. Your Virgo woman just might be perfection; it is after all what she strives for. Trust me when I tell you that when you fall in love with the Virgo Woman, you will fall hard. Are Virgo women hard to get? Sadly friends, it isn’t an act, they are hard to get. The trouble is she seeks perfection in everything. If you are less than that, then leave her alone or watch her as she runs fast away from you.”

“She is analytical and precise. Everything needs to be just so in order for her to be happy and move on. If it isn’t, she is not going anywhere until it is. For all that she discriminates she is also very considerate. She regards all involved before she makes a move. The Virgo woman has an extraordinary eye for detail and will exhaust every avenue, including herself, to make sure things go as planned. Being punctual and reliable is a must for her. She’s particularly fond of routines and lists. She probably has a list of her lists to keep track of them. For all the proficiency, she is fairly reserved and shy. She is uncomfortable with too much attention and perhaps embarrasses easily.”

“We haven’t scared you off? That’s good because a Virgo woman is worth the work.”

“You will need to become friends with a Virgo woman before hoping to seduce her. Knowing the quirks of her sign will get you far. Her sign is an intellectual sign which makes her a highly practical person. She is calm, collected and will never display any unreasonable or emotional outbursts in public. Though she is viewed as having little to no emotions, you will be surprised that she has a quick wit and can find humor in most things. Not only does she have a quick wit but empathy toward others you wouldn’t have expected.”

“Virgos tend to worry too much. So to seduce your Virgo, help her to worry less. Keep things fun and light. Bring laughter, she needs it and sometimes forgets that she can. They don’t generally like off the wall, crazy experiences or large crowds. Keep dates traditional and old fashioned (dinner and theater) until you learn more about her. Virgo women love nature so invite her for a weekend away in the country or hiking in the mountains. Let her see you as the person she can relax with and find freedom from the mind that is always running. Use your time as friends to learn her limits; it will help you make a better partner later.”

“As much as you may want to, don’t rush her in anything. By now you will see what a gem she truly is and will want to take it to the next level. Let the friendship naturally grow to love, she will let you know when you get there. A Virgo love needs a little time to develop. As in all things, she will analyze every step along the way to make sure its perfection. As a result do be surprised if she seems hesitant and stand-offish. She will seem that way until she’s comfortable with a partner. So when in public, keep displays of affection to a minimum. Wait to show cooing love until you get her home.”


How to be Confident when You Are Petite

“If you’ve got to look up to everyone you meet, your confidence can be gradually shaken. But there’s no reason for that to be so. You can be petite, confident, and proud of your smaller self.”

Take a look at these confident petite women celebs :





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