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When I Saw You -Poetry

When I Saw You – Poetry


25 Little Things A Guy Will Only Do When He’s Just Not That Into You — Thought Catalog

mrhayata1. Ask to meet somewhere, then change the place or back out at the last minute. 2. Act like he’s going in for a kiss, then kiss your cheek in an awkward-friendly type of way. 3. Give you a side-arm or one-arm hug. 4. Make plans with you, but then run 20+ minutes late. 5.…

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A Life Without You -Poetry

This is one of the shortest poems that I have read, that captured a lovers feelings with such a small amount of words. I hope you enjoy this short poem. Reboot if you feel this way about someone. 

“A Life Without You”


How Yoga Can Help You Become a Better Dancer

Petite Girls Guide

Yoga for dancing


“All dancers are ultimately on the same quest: to become better, stronger dancers. But in order to reach beyond their limits, many dancers find they need additional training methods besides dance, and yoga is a popular choice.”

“But why?”

“Why is yoga one tool no dancer’s survival kit should be without?”

“Increased body awareness.”

“While all dance classes focus on position and alignment, yoga classes take this one step further. The slower pace of a yoga class naturally allows for greater precision. For example, instead of just putting your feet into a parallel position, you have time to check that the outside edges of your feet line up the with the outside edges of your mat, your weight is equally distributed to all four corners of your feet, your toes are spread wide and your pinky toes are anchored firmly into the floor.”

“By taking the time…

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What Would You Do if You Saw Someone Having a Painc Attack?


4 Ways You Can Be A Kick-Ass Feminist




I Now Pronounce You: 10 Unusual Wedding Words

I Now Pronounce You…

“1. Bridaller:
If the expression “wedding guest” feels too impersonal or generic for your tastes, perhaps you’d like to call your beloved revelers bridallers. The singular of this rare word means “a guest at a wedding.” Its root word, bridal, originally meant “a wedding” or “a wedding feast.” The origin of the word bride is uncertain, although it might be linked to the Proto-Indo-European root bru- meaning “to cook, brew, make broth.”



“2. Epithalamion:
If witnessing a heartfelt exchange of wedding vows moves you to song, take note: the resulting ditty might be referred to as an epithalamion, defined as “a song or poem in honor of a bride and bridegroom.” It is very close in meaning to the word prothalamion; both words are built on the Greek word for “bedroom” or “bridal chamber,” thalamus. The difference lies in their prefixes: epi- means “upon,” and pro- means “before.” Prothalamion, which refers to a song or poem written in celebration of a forthcoming wedding, was coined by the English poet Edmund Spenser, author of The Faerie Queene.”


“3. Paranymph:
Wedding terminology is peppered with words that have been historically bound to gender, such as bride and groom. But one lesser-known wedding word with unisex applicability is paranymph, meaning “a groomsman or a bridesmaid.” It translates literally from the Greek paránymphos as “the person beside the bride.” The oldest sense of the word nymph referred to a class of lesser deities of mythology, though by the late 1500s, the term could refer, less supernaturally, to a maiden.”



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