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About Gentry



It is crazy at my house these days. Running back and forth to Jacksonville every week, for the last 12 weeks, has been nonstop madness! Why you ask? Well, my husband is about to graduate from sonography school, and has been interning at some of the hospitals in Jacksonville. That’s the reason for all the back-and-forth driving. But this is a very special time in my life, my spouse is finally going to start the career he has been training for for so long now. I am so proud of him. I have very much been concentrating on my blog and keeping readers interested in coming back for more. As I’m sure you know, I have bipolar disorder, but I feel that I have overcome the struggles I have been through and now am writing to help others find answers that I was looking for. My long-term plans are to write a book about my experiences being bipolar, and kind of a guide as to how to embrace your bipolar and learn how to let it work for you. I would love to one day be the face of bipolar, I know I would make a great advocate !! I also still have plans to one day get my yoga certification so I may continue furthering my educational teachings and continue to exercise every day.

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